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Osteopathic medicine is a unique form of American medical care that was developed in 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still, M.D. Dr. Still was dissatisfied with the effectiveness of 19th Century medicine. He believed that many of the medications of his day were useless or even harmful. Dr. Still was one of the first in his time to study the attributes of good health so that he could better understand the process of disease. (read more)

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Congratulations to our members on these prestigious accomplishments:

Laura E. Griffin, D.O., F.A.A.O., Elected to the Office of Trustee of the American Academy of Osteopathy (read more)

Randy G. Litman, D.O., Earns the Degree of Fellowship from the American Academy of Osteopathy (read more)


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KOMA Bylaws Revisions -
May 2015

The Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association Bylaws Committee Board of Directors has reviewed the KOMA bylaws changes presented by the Bylaws Committee. The Board of Directors is presenting these changes to KOMA members for review and consideration prior to the KOMA Annual Business Meeting to be held June 27, 2015, in Lexington, Kentucky. A copy of the bylaws are also posted on the KOMA website here. KOMA members are asked to review these revisions, and provide comments during this period to:

The acceptance of these revisions will be on the ballot at the Annual Business Meeting on June 27. The Annual Business Meeting will be held during the KOMA Annual Conference, June 25-27, 2015, in Lexington. More information on the conference can be found at:, or by calling the KOMA office at 608-441-1060, ext. 144.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the Bylaws Committee for their work on these revisions.


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Annual Conference

    JUNE 25-27, 2015 - LEXINGTON, KY

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