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End of 2010 Letter from KOMA's President,

Larry Suess, DO, PhD, FACN

It is with great anticipation Kentucky osteopathic physicians look forward to 2011.  A reflection of KOMA’s accomplishments sets the groundwork for future endeavors.  As your president I have participated in multiple meetings representing KOMA.  These leadership meetings produced by the AOA, have as the single underlying theme, continued quality healthcare delivery by osteopathic physicians.  KOMA represents Kentucky osteopathic physicians not only at the state level, but also at the national level.

Practice Rights continues to be a central theme in all conversations I have been engaged in at these meetings.  From scope of practice to maintenance of licensure to post graduate medical education, each has impact on how we as DOs practice our profession.  These factors impact osteopathic physician’s at the most basic levels, from economic remuneration to how we are viewed by our patients.  Our successes become our patient’s successes, yet our place and our seat in the decision-making processes in Kentucky is far from secured. 

Further, I continued to be amazed most by Kentucky DOs willingness to participate once they understand how these processes directly impacts our clinical practice and its deleterious effect it has on patient care. Kentucky DOs don't want outside bodies, like the Kentucky state house or Congress, to make decisions without input from practicing DOs.  By becoming an active member of KOMA, you stop uninformed decision-making.

I know you are willing to have your voice heard.  Your voice is heard when you renew your KOMA membership.  Your voice is heard when you participate on KOMA committees.  Your voice is heard when you write one short article for the website.  Your voice is heard when you present at the KOMA conference.  Your voice is heard when you monitor state and federal regulations impacting your practice and your patients.  Your voice is heard when you contact your elected officials.

In this holiday season, it is my sincerest wish that you and your families are safe and happy.  Further, I see 2011 the continuation of KOMA’s advocating for your right to practice in Kentucky.  The importance of your voice ensures the importance of KOMA’s voice.   Join us, and SPEAK UP!!!!!

Larry Suess, DO, PhD, FACN

January 2011 Letter from KOMA's President,

Larry Suess, DO, PhD, FACN

Now that 2010 is history, KOMA is directing its attention to the hope of 2011.  This year KOMA is directing our efforts toward Inclusion.  This means we will be including ALL osteopathic physicians in activities promoting professional growth.

Dr. Troy Nelson is organizing the 2011 Annual Meeting with the central theme of cardiac health.  Make sure you mark your calendars for June 23 - 26 to be in Lexington at the Hilton Downtown. Troy assures us the CME program will comprehensively present the most up-to-date information on cardiac issues necessary for our clinical practice.  Back by popular demand is a one-day workshop option on June 23. You and your office staff will have educational opportunities, and a low, one-day workshop registration fee.  If you can’t join us for the entire weekend, try to stop by for just the day.

With the Kentucky Legislature, which convened on January 4 for the short session, a lot of work must be done quickly. The Kentucky Constitution mandates that a regular session be completed no later March 30 in odd-numbered years.  KOMA will examine all proposed legislation, and we ask that each of you do the same, as well. Your feedback on issues that potentially impact osteopathic clinical practice is imperative.  The following website will list the pre-filed bills.

KOMA will continue to develop liaisons with state agencies that directly affect our practice. Educating elected officials on the unique strengths of osteopathic physicians will increase our effectiveness in the decision-making processes. KOMA needs to hear from you about what is important for you to practice in Kentucky. Our conversations will be communicated to Kentucky legislature to help strengthen osteopathic medicine in Kentucky.

Your KOMA board has revised the Bylaws.  This can be found on the website for your review.  Comments can be made directly to me or through the Home Office.  A formal vote to accept or reject the bylaws will be held at the June Annual Business meeting, June 25, 2011, in Lexington, KY.  This is a crucial process to keep KOMA dynamic and in order to continue representing D.O.s in Kentucky.

Dr. Jerome Dixon is heading the Nomination and Awards Committee, which will identify qualified candidates for each position up for election in June 2011.  Contact him for any individuals you feel merit recognition. Jerome will start presenting names at the March Directors’ Meeting, with a final slate of candidates to the board no later than June 1.  KOMA membership will vote to accept the bylaws and the slate of candidates at the Annual Meeting.

And as if Dr. Dixon couldn’t have a fuller plate, his committee will also take suggestions for Kentucky D.O. of the Year. KOMA wants to hear who you believe merits this prestigious award. Our 2010 award winner was Dr. Dan Moore, who has served both KOMA and the osteopathic profession in Kentucky with honor and distinction. The 2011 award will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Dr. Randy Litman, KOMA Vice President, is heading our Recruitment Committee.  If you are interested in participating on the KOMA board or any of the committees, contact Randy. A list of committees can be found on the website. Knowing how persuasive and deft Randy is at recruiting, KOMA looks forward to seeing new dynamic faces addressing Kentucky’s osteopathic concerns. 

Finally to all you students and residents, the 2011 paper and poster competition is now open. Applications can be found on the website here.  KOMA supports excellence in education and promotion of osteopathic medicine.  KOMA throws down the gauntlet and to the victor a monetary reward. DO it.  

Larry Suess, DO, PhD, FACN

Letter from KOMA's President,

Larry Suess, DO, PhD, FACN

For those of us who provide Osteopathic health care to the 787,000 Kentucky medicaid patients in need of medical services, changes are occurring which you need to be made aware of and participate in. Kentucky medicaid will be managed statewide begining October 1, 2011.

As you probably have heard, Governor Beshear announced on July 7, 2011, that Centene, Conventry & Wellcare were selected as Manage Care Organizations (MCOs) for Kentucky. Very little information is flowing currently, but if you wish to remain a provider for Kentucky medicaid you must make each of these MCOs aware of your intent. Re-credentialing must occur for each of the MCOs.

KOMA is keeping on top of this fluid situation and will you advised as we are given information. A short PowerPoint presentation can be found here on the KOMA website. As KOMA becomes aware of new information, the AOA is immediately brought into the loop.

KOMA continues to be the voice for DOs in Kentucky. YOUR INTENT MUST BE MADE NOW AND IN WRITING TO THE THREE MCOs.


Larry Suess, D.O., PhD, FACN

President, KOMA


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