Why SHould I Join?

Now that you are in the real world, we work with you to mature you in the profession. This means we offer CME that not only provides clinical medicine and the required educational updates, but we also teach you the business of medicine and health policy.  We give you the big picture overview of the political economy of healthcare.
There are opportunities to serve on the KOMA Board & Committees. We can put you in touch with teaching and speaking opportunities. We want to get more people involved in leadership, both within our organization and within the Commonwealth. If you think you might be willing, please let me know. We both need and want to help grow the leadership potential of our members. If you haven’t been involved to any degree in organized medicine previously, we will help guide you and get you up to speed. This is your opportunity!

We pick up where medical school and residency left off.


KOMA gives our physicians multiple venues for professional development because being a great doctor is just the beginning of your career.

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Residents and Students are encouraged to join at a reduced rate!

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